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Video Marketing Strategists
Founded in 2013, clients come to RTV by Nuffnang for creative yet pragmatic approaches to video marketing. Our team is not only interested in giving you the best quality of work (that’s a given, nowadays), but also in how video efforts pay off on a business level. We want our clients to be successful so that we can be successful too.
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Meet the Team
Head of RTV
Hello. If you can’t pronounce my name, it’s I-say-yeah and say it real fast. You’ll just need to practice 15 times more and you’ll get it. I came from a TV and film background but realised that my passion lies in connecting the dots and providing practical solutions. That is how I ended up in RTV. As the title suggests, I lead the team and seek innovation to improve our work for clients. After work, I cook, scoop poop out of my cat’s litter box, play games and run an initiative to hopefully make Malaysia a better place.
RTV Lab Lead
I'm Huiying, RTV Lab Lead. My journey as a video maker has always been experimental. I've worked on international documentaries, TV shows for international TV networks, an independent film and a VR film that ran in several festivals in Asia and Europe. Now, I'm on my new adventure to explore the relationship between data and videos. Besides my day job, I'm also running an initiative with a bunch of awesome folks to fight for national drug policy and prison system changes.
Hoe Kei
Operations Producer
Hello there! I’m Hoe Kei, Operations Producer of RTV Malaysia. The highlight of my job is where I get to meet and work with different people to create amazing campaigns for our clients. Apart from being in the advertising industry, I’m also a freelance actress. You might have seen me in short films, MVs or commercials before! I will take acting jobs as they come. One fun fact about me: I can eat mushrooms everyday without getting tired of it.

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